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Smencils and Smens are hot items with the school set

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Casey Chung, Wheatley Heights

Are you looking for something cool to put in your backpack? Smencils are just what you need.

Smencils are scented pencils made from 100 percent recycled newspaper. There are multiple packs with ten Smencils per pack, made for holidays, seasons and even for Disney characters and movies. Some of the popular scents are root beer, black cherry, strawberry cupcake, bubble gum, cotton candy, grape soda and jelly doughnut.

Smencils are great for fundraising. Recently we sold 1,000 Smencils for $1 each. Our class sold Smencils to the school in the cafeteria. We donated all the money to a local family in need. The kids went crazy over the cotton candy and bubble gum scents. Check out the website, for more information.

Want to buy, now? Check out Walmart, Barnes & Noble and Hobby Lobby. They sell these amazingly delicious, strong-smelling pencils, as well as Smarkers, Smickers, and Smens. Smencils don’t only smell good, but they are also great quality. It’s a fun way to encourage students to be original at school.

Brian Harvey’s sixth-grade class, Minnesauke Elementary School, East Setauket

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