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An inside look at the Snapper Inn, 90 years on the Connetquot River

Kidsday reporter John Whelan of Idle Hour Elementary

Kidsday reporter John Whelan of Idle Hour Elementary School, Oakdale, with his great-uncle George Remmer and his dog Loki. Credit: Whelan family

No matter what season you go in, no matter what items are on the menu, whatever you order, the Snapper Inn is going to be great. The Snapper Inn is a waterfront restaurant in Oakdale, looking out over the Connetquot River.

The Snapper Inn was built in 1929. It was started by my great-great-grandfather Henry Remmer. Then it was run by my great-grandfather George Remmer. After that was my grandfather John Remmer. Now it is run by my two great-uncles, Richard Remmer and George Remmer. They have been running the restaurant for almost 30 years.

Uncle George catches fish off his boat for the Snapper Inn. Sometimes he goes to the breach, on Fire Island. I have gone with him before. He also goes clamming there.

I talked to my Uncle Richard about the Snapper Inn. Richard says that the hardest thing about running a restaurant is finding, training and keeping employees. “A restaurant is only as good as the people who work there,” Richard said.

He loves it when customers leave the restaurant happy. It is his favorite part about running a restaurant, and, he added: “I love the fresh fish that my brother George catches.”

Richard also says that running a restaurant is very hard work and involves a lot of time. Even though it is a lot of hours, Richard still loves his job. To figure out what food to put on the menu, Richard tries new items on the special board to see if customers like it. If a lot of customers like it, Richard will add it to the menu.

I know customers also love the location on the water. Sometimes musicians perform at the Snapper Inn. One of the bands that play there is the Great River Trio. One of the guitar players in that band is my guitar teacher, Matt Riley. I love listening to live music outside on the lawn in the summer.

So, come to the Snapper Inn! Have a walk on the dock, eat a great meal and come back soon!

Info: 500 Shore Dr., Oakdale.

Gina Cerulli’s fifth-grade class, Idle Hour Elementary School, Oakdale

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