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Sneaker prices are going through the roof

It started off with wanting to be like Mike. In the year 1985, the madness started when Michael Jordan released his first signature shoe, the Air Jordan 1.

This sneaker was released in red, white and black to match the Chicago Bulls' uniform.

Almost every kid wanted to fly just like Mike.

This was only the beginning of sneaker fever. It continues to this day, but has greatly changed. For example, in 1985, when the Air Jordan was first released, they started out at $65; now, they have risen to $170. People camp outside of shoe stores days in advance, trying to get their hands on a pair of Jordans.

Not only is the hype all about Jordans, it's also about Nike. Recently, a pair of Nike Air Yeezy 2 Red Octobers resold for about $10,000 one day after these shoes released online at for only $250.

In April, we visited a sneaker event: Ultimate Sneaker Expo Long Island

( This was the biggest Sneaker Expo on Long Island. There were more than 1,000 people attending. You were able to buy, trade and sell your shoes.

This event had sneakers ranging from $100 up to $5,000. There was a pair of MVP LeBrons for $2,000, and they were asking $3,000 for a pair of Nike Air Mags from "Back to the Future."

It's hard to believe, but buying, selling and trading also goes on in schools across the nation. Many kids will bring in their shoes and sell them to their peers in the halls.

At our middle school, many kids would sell their shoes. Our principal put an end to the buying, trading and selling because there was such a sneaker madness! On top of that, it was distracting.


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