Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Snipe Hunt: A new way to hide and seek

We played with Snipe Hunt: An Indoor/Outdoor Hide & Seek Game ( It was really fun. First we had to add batteries, but then the fun began.

The object of the game is to be the first team or person to find the other team's Snipe and return it to its nest. Then we had to go outside of the classroom so our teacher could hide them for us in the room. By the way, the Snipes made noises, so it waseasier for us to track them down. Still, it took us a long time to find. But once we found them we realized they were in obvious places.

This game was awesome and pretty fun in our opinion. We think everyone likes to play hide and seek and this a really good way of playing that game. If we had to make slight change or improvement, it would be to give a certain amount of time for the Snipes to be found so the game can be even more fun and intense.

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