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Good Morning

My snow globe collection

Kidsday reporter Farah Lipetz with her snow globe

Kidsday reporter Farah Lipetz with her snow globe collection. Credit: Lipetz family

Everyone loves summer. When people think of summer, they think of beaches, sun and fun, but today I am going to talk about snow.

I am a gymnast, and every other week, I travel around the country to compete in nationally ranked competitions. Everywhere I go, I get a snow globe to remember the trip. I have about 30 snow globes. I have collected snow globes from places such as California, Texas, Washington, Michigan, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, Georgia, Florida and so many more. I even collect snow globes from international places like Mexico, the Bahamas, and other Caribbean islands.

I have been collecting since I was 3 years old, and I am now 13. I plan on continuing to collect until I have been everywhere and explored everything.

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