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This kid’s own global initiative? Collecting snow globes

Kidsday reporter Navpreet Singh with her snow globes

Kidsday reporter Navpreet Singh with her snow globes collection. Credit: Singh family

People collect many things. I enjoy collecting snow globes. Snow globes are interesting and fun. I started collecting snow globes when I was visiting family in San Francisco. I walked into a store with my mom, sister, aunt and brothers.

My sister was looking at pens. I didn’t know what to get. I looked at the pens, magnets and much more. However, the one thing that caught my eye was the nicest snow globe I have ever seen. It had buildings in San Francisco and with the brightest colors you have ever seen.

Being in San Francisco helped me start my snow globe collection. I now have eight of them. They are each from vacations my family has been on. Besides the one from San Francisco, I have globes from Las Vegas, San Antonio, Atlanta, and South of the Border, South Carolina, and from Cancun, Mexico, Saint Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands, and the Bahamas.

One snow globe I would like to have is of New York City. Collecting items makes people happy. Collecting snow globes makes me happy. I will continue to work on my collection and have it grow.


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