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68° Good Morning

Snowboarding is never boring

Snowboarding is my favorite winter sport. It's just like surfing or skateboarding, but on snow. One of my favorite places to go is Mount Snow in Vermont.

You can do so many tricks, but before I even started snowboarding I took a class. Some of my favorite moves are the 360 or rock-n-roll grinds. To do a rock-n-roll grind, you need to jump up in the air and land on a rail. Make sure you wear a helmet and you have lots of confidence to do that stunt.

Snowboarding is a great way to exercise because you move your body a lot. I love snowboarding because it's exciting and challenging, and I love to go fast. There's no greater feeling than being outdoors in the mountains and having fun. I like snowboarding so much that I go 10 to 15 times each winter. Maybe I will see you on the slopes!

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