Good Morning
Good Morning

Support Our Autism Rainbow good for both kids and volunteers

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Ori Schnaider

Have you ever heard of a program called SOAR? Support Our Autism Rainbow is a program that helps kids with autism. I do SOAR at Otsego Elementary School in Dix Hills.

I go every Monday after school and every Saturday morning. We do activities such as board games and crafts, and sometimes we go outside. The children with autism are grateful to us for devoting our time to help them. If you can make time for these kids, you should be proud of yourself. It is a fun thing to do for you and for the kids you help.

I joined SOAR because I thought I could make a difference in others’ lives, and I think I do a good job. I also do it because it is a wonderful cause. To learn more, go to

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