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Good Morning

The ups and downs of not having a mobile phone

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Dathy Pham, Wheatley

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Dathy Pham, Wheatley Heights

My parents haven’t purchased me my own cellphone. Sometimes I feel out of the loop at school, not knowing what is happening around me. On a positive note, I feel like I stay out of all the drama and focus on other things.

When I get to school in the morning, my friends are talking about birthday parties, meeting up somewhere or talking about something exciting that happened on social media. For example, if they’re talking about something that happened through a group text, I can’t participate in the conversation because I have no idea what the conversation was about. 

On the other hand, I won't get involved in any drama, which means I can focus on sports and school. I won't get cyberbullied or teased online. For example, sometimes when kids are texting or speaking out on social media, it creates drama. Sometimes, I am thankful I don’t have my own phone.

Although there are many advantages about not having my own phone, there are disadvantages as well. I stay out of the drama, however sometimes I feel out of the loop.

Tom Hughes Rising Stars, Garden City

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