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Socks that come to your door

Kidsday reporters Isabella Basini, left, Seamus Smith and

Kidsday reporters Isabella Basini, left, Seamus Smith and Gabrielle La Donna show off their socks. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

Are you a kid who is tired of socks that rip after wearing them just a few times? If you are, you should try Whippersnappers snocks. These socks will be delivered to your house every month (two pairs). These colorful socks are really durable, wash well, and are so comfortable you will feel as if you are barefoot. They are very snug but do not leave marks on your feet. You’ll get compliments when you wear these socks and people will ask, “I like those socks. Where did you get them?” These socks are great to play sports in, and they may even help to prevent blisters and help you stay cool. They come with special instructions on the packaging that remind you to “Place them with other socks so they can all become friends. Be sure to feed and walk them once a day.” The website is really silly and makes ordering the socks even more fun.

Check them out:

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