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Sofia Carson, ‘Descendants 2’ singer-actress, chats with LI kids

Actress Sofia Carson with Kidsday reporters, from left,

Actress Sofia Carson with Kidsday reporters, from left, Marina Trgo, Jackson Rosario, Anthony Rodriguez and Emily Sciarrone. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

We met singer and actress Sofia Carson when she was in New York recently. Her latest single is titled “Back to Beautiful,” and she starred as Evie in the Disney Channel movie “Descendants 2.”

Tell us about your new album. What are the acoustics of it?

Oh, you know, it’s so surreal to be creating my album. I’ve been doing it since I was younger than you guys. There’s a song I’ll be releasing soon that I’m really, really excited about. So it’s a really beautiful ballad.

Do you blast the radio and sing when your songs come on?

Absolutely! Me and my sister in the car, we like turn all the windows down. Turn the music up and just like scream at the top of our lungs.

Do you collect all of your own Sofia Carson dolls?

You know what, I don’t. But luckily Disney Channel will send me a doll every time it comes out. Which is even so surreal to say that I have dolls. But I have a lot of them. But I need to start collecting them. That’s a really good idea.

Were your parents overprotective of you when you were growing up?

That’s a great question. I think they were the perfect combination of protective and giving their children freedom. I think a parent has to be protective over their kids and teach them right from wrong. And [there are] so many incredibly important things that a parent teaches us and guides us through life. I think they were the perfect balance.

Did you wear braces when you were growing up?

I did. I really had an awkward stage, guys. There were braces. It wasn’t cute. I wore glasses.

If you could be in a rock band, which one would you be in?

I would probably be in Aerosmith.

When you were little, did you like going to sleepovers?

At sleepovers I loved playing dress-up. We would dress each other up and pretend we were modeling down a runway or like be in a music video. I loved playing dress-up.

Are you good at telling jokes? If so, tell us one.

Oh, I’m so bad at telling jokes. Like it’s the joke with the rest of the cast in “Descendants” that I’m the not funny one. Every time I try to tell a joke, it just fails.

Tell us what you liked about “Descendants 2.”

The incredible music, epic, epic dance numbers. And really, really beautiful story lines between the four because they each do a lot of growing up and they teach really beautiful lessons.

Would you rather play video games or watch TV?

I’m guilty of never having played a video game. So I’m going to say TV. Unless you want to teach me how to play.

When you were little, did you watch Disney Channel?

It was the only channel on my TV. As in not physically, but it was like the only channel I would play. And yeah, I was obsessed with Disney Channel, from “Lizzie McGuire,” “That’s So Raven,” “Hannah Montana,” “Wizards of Waverly Place,” “High School Musical.” I was obsessed, obsessed, still am with Disney Channel.

Who is the first person you called when you found out you got the part you really wanted?

It was actually not “Descendants,” it was my first role. My first movie. And I had been auditioning for — I had been to almost 200 auditions before I got my first job. And I had just finished my final exams at UCLA. And I had called my mom. Actually no, my mom and my sister were on an airplane flying to L.A. where I live. And I went to the airport to pick them up. Got a sign that said, “I got the part.” And then when they came out . . . I was like jumping on one leg. I got the part! And they were just speechless for the whole 24 hours, because they couldn’t believe it.

Do you ever get stage fright?

Yeah. It is one of those moments when you have a severe case of the butterflies, but one of the best ways you get nervous, but you also get so excited and so thrilled to be able to do what you love. And just the urge to want to make sure you do your very best is kind of what takes over.

Which college class is the most challenging for you?

There was a physics class that I had to take, and science is not my favorite. And my favorites were always international relations, or journalism.

Do you have any collections?

I used to collect snow globes. I loved snow globes growing up. And every Disney park we would go to, I would buy a snow globe.

Have you ever accidentally broken part of the set while shooting a scene?

Um, yes. I’m very clumsy. And I also don’t sew, and Evie, in “Descendants,” she designs clothes. And the first for me — there is a scene that when you guys watch it again, you’ll know what I’m talking about. It opens with Evie on her sewing machine, and Mal talking to her. And I didn’t know that I actually had to sew. So when they called “Action,” they’re like, you just press this button, do this, do this and do that. And go. And I was like, uh, I didn’t tell anyone that I didn’t know how to do it. So Penny called action. I don’t know what I pressed, but I pressed the wrong thing, and the sewing machine fell onto the floor. And the dress broke in half. And they had to take me inside and teach me how to sew to shoot the scene, so [now] I actually do sew.

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