Good Morning
Good Morning

Solve your missing cellphone mystery

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Kimberly Shrestha, Valley Stream

Phones just seem to run away and hide around your house, or pretty much anywhere, which can cause most kids to go crazy looking for them, especially in the morning. Here are some places to look if you wake up in the morning and can’t find your phone:

  • Under your pillow or tangled in your bed sheets. Most of the time, your phone is under your pillow. We love to look at pictures, text and watch videos so much, that we sometimes end up sleeping with our phones. Whether you fell asleep watching videos at night, or were texting and hiding your phone from your parents, your phone is most likely under your pillow.
  • On the floor. Sure, this really seems like a dumb place to look for your phone when you wake up, but your phone could’ve fallen during the night.
  • In/near your charger. Sometimes your phone is in the most obvious place: Either plugged in your charger or, possibly, near your charger because you were tired the night before, tried to put your phone on the charger and missed.
  • In your pockets. Sometimes, you leave your phone in the pocket of the pants you were wearing the day before.
  • In your bag. We kids use many bags in our everyday lives. We use backpacks, handbags or knapsacks to carry our things (phone, charger, mints, headphones, etc.) and it is easy to forget our phones there.
  • Near the fridge. This may sound absurd, but if you have ever had a midnight snack, and brought your phone with you, it could be there. Sometimes, it could be on the kitchen counter, right next to the fridge. Once I left my phone inside the fridge!

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