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Some old music that young people might like

Kidsday reporter Lindsay Radmann with her dog Ringo

Kidsday reporter Lindsay Radmann with her dog Ringo Credit: Radmann family

From the 1900s to the 21st century, music has changed. From the Beatles to One Direction, from Elvis Presley to Shawn Mendes, and also to the Beach Boys to 5 Seconds of Summer.

So, turn off that terrifying music and spare my life to put on real music, like “Help!” (Beatles) or “Kokomo” (Beach Boys).

You are probably wondering how do I know all of these old musicians? Well, I was in the car with my dad when a Beatles song, “Let it Be,” came on. That was the first great song I heard in my whole life.

And how I found out about Elvis is that it was close to Halloween and I had no costume. With Halloween only a week away I had to find something to be, so my dad showed me costumes and in the picture I saw an Elvis one. I asked my dad who is that? He said, “The King.” He told me all about Elvis and played his CDs. Now I’d heard more great songs. My dad showed me how to do Elvis’ lip curl. I thought it looked like he got a needle in his upper left lip, but my dad said, “It is just talent.”

The week I went to school I told my fourth-grade teacher all about the Beatles and Elvis. He thought it was very funny that I was going to be Elvis for Halloween because it was very different from everyone else. A group of my best friends were all being army girls. But I was the only girl who knew Elvis and the Beatles.

Here is a timeline of some musicians over the decades in the 20th century that you should check out :

1950s — Elvis Presley

1960s — The Beatles, the Rolling Stones

1980s — Michael Jackson

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