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Something sweet in Southampton

Sip'n Soda is a famous restaurant that has been around for 55 years. Sip'n Soda is known for its delicious Lime Rickys.

Sip'n Soda is owned by my uncle, Mark Parash, and my grandpa James Parash.

Sip'n Soda has almost every single delicious food and drink you can imagine. From cheeseburgers to gyros, vanilla milkshakes to fresh squeezed lemonade, Sip'n Soda has it!

The Famous Lime Ricky is an all-time favorite drink. It is made of 8 ounces of lime juice, 6 ounces of cherry syrup, 12 ounces of seltzer water or Sprite (your choice), a lime wedge and crushed ice. It tastes simply delicious!

Sip'n Soda is also famous for its homemade ice cream. The ice cream is made on premises, and the flavors include vanilla, chocolate, Nutella, strawberry, mint chip, coffee, coffee chip, cookie dough and Oreo. In the fall, there's also pumpkin.

Milkshakes are $5.95, ice cream sodas cost $5, sherbet freezes are $5.50, and an egg cream is $5.

My favorite ice cream is cookie dough with rainbow sprinkles. It is amazing and tastes delicious.

As you can see, Sip'n Soda has been around for a long time. I enjoy working there and love that it is a big part of my family.

You should stop by and say hello. Everyone in the Southampton area comes by.

It is at 40 Hampton Rd. in Southampton. Call 631-283-9752, or visit the website

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