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Sore Thumb Beach isolated but worth the visit

Enjoy boating or just playing in the water

Enjoy boating or just playing in the water at Sore Thumb Beach. Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Maggie Flaherty, Merrick

We think Sore Thumb Beach is one of the best beaches for families all summer long. Kids can swim in shallow water, play beach games, fish for small snapper off the boat, kayak, paddleboard or even take a walk to meet new friends. You get to this beach by private boat or water scooter, or by a vehicle using a special four-wheel-drive pass from the New York State parks department. There are rules that you must follow if you drive onto the beach, so read the rules.

This is also a beach where there are no bathrooms or restaurants so make sure to bring along food, and take your trash home! This is why this beach is so great — everyone respects its natural beauty. It is less crowded during the weekdays. The weekends get much busier so get there early for a good spot.

Sore Thumb is a great family beach that we think people don’t really know about, and because of that, it often feels like you are on your own deserted island. You can find it off Ocean Parkway, right next to Gilgo State Park on Sore Thumb Beach Road (just a few miles west of the Robert Moses Causeway).

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