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2 Hamptons spots the kids will love

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Jackie Erickson, Huntington

Are you bored of being home and staying in bed doing nothing? Maybe you should go visit Southampton and look at some cool places that are in the area. You can go get sweets and go eat food. Here are two places we like a lot:

SIP N’ SODA This is a popular eating place going back to the 1950s, so you should go eat there, too. Our favorite thing about Sip n’ Soda is that you can get breakfast all day and it has dishes like eggs any way you like them with bacon, ham or sausage. That also comes with home fries and toast. In the afternoon they serve sandwiches and salad plates like egg, chicken, and tuna salad, and burgers. You should go there on a Friday because then you get unlimited toppings on your sundae, made with homemade ice cream, from 5:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. Tell whoever takes you that Sip n’ Soda takes cash only.

It’s at 40 Hampton Rd., Southampton,

KRIEG’S BAKERY This bakery was founded in 1985 in Hampton Bays. The bakery makes all of its food by hand. The treats are delicious and sweet. Krieg’s is most known for its jelly doughnuts, but the kids in our school prefer the Boston cream. They are not artificially flavored but do have gluten in them. You can also find some German sweets.

Krieg’s is at 39 W. Montauk Hwy., Hampton Bays,

Jillian Cagno and Deirdre Greenwald’s fifth-grade class, Tuckahoe School, Southampton

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