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Benefits of being bilingual

Kidsday staff artist Matthew Faraci, Sayville

Kidsday staff artist Matthew Faraci, Sayville Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Matthew Faraci, Sayville

Have ever wanted to speak another language? I am one of the lucky kids who speak two languages. There are many benefits to being bilingual.

The first benefit is when your parents or others speak only one language. My parents speak only Spanish. They understand very little English. I help translate for them.

The second benefit is when you get a job, and someone needs you to translate. You can be the one to get the job done. Your boss will be very lucky to have someone who speaks more than one language.

The third benefit is if you can teach your siblings another language. This way you wouldn’t be the only one in your family with this talent!

These are some benefits of being bilingual, but there are many more. Being bilingual is extraordinarily amazing! I encourage you to try learning another language because it will change your life.

Jeanette Merola and Janet Renganeschi's sixth-grade class, Udall Road Middle School, West Islip

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