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Sparky game helps kids learn shapes, colors

Kidsday reporter Elaine Jiao recommends the game Sparky

Kidsday reporter Elaine Jiao recommends the game Sparky for kids ages 2-5. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

Sparky: The Flashy Colorful Shapes Game (Smart Start/ Patch) is a wonderful toy that help toddlers learn their shapes and colors while having fun.

My younger sister had fun playing with Sparky; she usually would call me over to play with her. I let her win a few games on purpose, missing a square in bingo. However, I win at least seven games to let her know I’m still the older sister. My sister still had fun even though she lost a lot. The important thing is that she learned her colors and shapes. I highly recommend this to children ages 2-5 because Sparky is a lightning bug that shouts out a shape, if you press a button, and then you must find the same shape he shouted out. But, you also have to find the shape that is the same color as his abdomen.

This is a wonderful product and it really helps kids learn their shapes and colors.

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