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Speks: Tiny round magnets offer tons of building fun

Kidsday reporters Colin Dowd and Lauren Jones tested

Kidsday reporters Colin Dowd and Lauren Jones tested Speks, tiny but powerful magnetic balls. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

We both played with Speks (Retrospective Goods), which are buildable magnets and were invented by the people from Zen Magnets and Buckyballs. As they wrote in their starter guide: they joined together to celebrate design, geometry and architecture. The creators aim to inspire, simulate and challenge the mind.

Speks do stick to their promise of infinite possibilities. They are so cool. Three little marbles can stand on their own. They are smashable, buildable and fun. They come in different colors. We made rings, bracelets and necklaces, and they really did deliver. The Speks did pose a challenge — like how do we make an object from little tiny magnets? It made us wonder how the magnets work so cooperatively. The Speks offer good entertainment when stressed or just completely bored.

Here is a problem: If you drop or misplace a magnet you will probably not find it again — they are so tiny! If you are in a public place playing with the magnets, you will lose them easily because they are almost microscopic. Some of the tricks in the book are a little bit advanced and can take a while to master.

All in all, we had a positive outlook on Speks and thought they was fun, interesting, and thought-provoking. We liked that you can take them anywhere because of the small size.

Ages: 14 and older

Rating: 4.5 smiles out of 5

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