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Splish Splash in Riverhead opens two new rides

Kidsday reporters, from left, Kaila Hazarian, Kimberly Lopez,

Kidsday reporters, from left, Kaila Hazarian, Kimberly Lopez, Matthew Vilbig and Ryan Damers get ready to ride the Riptide Racer at Splish Splash Water Park in Riverhead. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

Swoosh! Off we go down Riptide Racer, one of the new rides at Splish Splash!

All four of us were so excited for this adventure. We could not wait. We were counting down the days: three days, two days left, one day, and yes! Finally it’s Saturday, June 9! This day could not come soon enough.

The four of us absolutely love going to Splish Splash in Riverhead. The thrill of the rides always makes the day so much fun. There is something for everyone to enjoy, no matter how brave or how scared you might be.

Since we have all been here before, we each have some rides that we have really enjoyed going on in the past. Ryan, Kaila and Kimberly all love Cliff Diver. The never-ending walk up to the platform, along with the huge slide, is totally exhilarating. You can’t be afraid of heights if you are going to tackle the Cliff Diver. You can even see this ride from outside the park as you are driving up Route 25A to the entrance. Ryan also likes Alien Invasion because it is very fast and can be a bit scary. Kaila is a fan of Bootleggers Run because it is a super-fast water roller coaster. Matthew really likes the mysterious darkness of Dr. Von Dark’s Tunnel of Terror, which is completely dark and has some cool holograms at the end of the ride . . . if you are brave enough to open your eyes and look.

Now that we were lucky enough to check out the newest rides at Splish Splash, we would definitely say that Riptide Racer and Bombs Away have taken over as our favorites. We were among the first kids to ride the new rides. Kimberly and Matthew loved Riptide Racer because you get to race against three other people, so it is adventurous and competitive. It was so awesome sliding down on our mats and trying to be the first to the bottom. If you are a competitive person, Riptide Racer is the ride for you.

Kaila and Ryan can’t say enough about the scary thrill of Bombs Away. Even though the ride attendant counts down for you, we all felt that it is still a huge surprise when the floor drops out from below you and you literally fly through the tube to the end of the slide! Seriously, the speed of this ride is incredible. It is very cool because the tube is clear, so you can see everyone and everything around you.

Spending the day at Splish Splash was so great. Some other rides that are a lot of fun are Hollywood Stunt Rider because it is pitch-black and full of twists and turns. If you like dinosaurs, then Dinosaur Falls is the ride for you. You will love the drops and you even feel like you are levitating during some points on this ride.

Splish Splash is an awesome place to spend time with family and friends! If you are hungry, you can go to Johnny Rockets. Kaila can tell you that the chicken tenders, fries and milkshakes are amazing there. If you like to shop, Splish Splash has a really nice gift shop that sells awesome merchandise. Kaila stopped by and picked up some great friendship bracelets before leaving the park. Trust us; you’ll be happy you did.

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