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Spoons Ice Cream and Cereal Bar is as good as it sounds

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Sara Hutzel

Spoons Ice Cream and Cereal Bar opened in July 2017, and 17 kids from our class, along with our parents, visited.

Spoons is for all ages. Spoons has one ice cream flavor, vanilla. There are 19 candy and 19 cereal toppings. Ice cream is served after it is crushed and smoothed with toppings in a machine. The customer has a choice of any two toppings on their ice cream for $6.99. Spoons serves the ice cream with a cool spoon that changes color while you are eating. This is why the store is called Spoons.

We were told the most popular flavors are cookie dough, brownie bites and Oreos. Spoons is open daily summer, fall and spring. So Spoons is closed right now but opening again this spring!

It is located at 3935A Merrick Rd., Seaford. Visit online at The ice cream is huge and so creamy. We loved the ice cream and give it 5 smiles out of 5!

Spoons is opening two more stores soon, one in Massapequa Park and another in Stewart Manor.

Therese O’Loughlin’s fourth-grade class, Michael F. Stokes Elementary School, Levittown

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