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The Sports Arena has great leagues for kids

Kidsday reporters Ryan Damers, left, and Raymond Trezza

Kidsday reporters Ryan Damers, left, and Raymond Trezza at The Sports Arena in St. James. Credit: Robyn Trezza

Are you trying to find a place on Long Island to hang out with your friends and play sports?

We went to The Sports Arena in St. James to talk with the manager, Brian Becker. He was a really nice guy. He said that even if you are an adult, you can play at The Sports Arena. Even 60-year-olds play there! The most popular sport there is deck hockey. Brian told us that up to 6,000 people come each month just to play one sport.

He told us about the leagues such as flag football, basketball, deck and roller hockey, and dodgeball. If you have a birthday, there are more options like Ga-ga ball, foam hockey, kickball, soccer, Wiffle ball, capture the flag, lacrosse, Nerf darts, tug-of-war, relay races, running bases and basketball. It is a great way to get exercise with your friends. They also have sports camps, and you can have other events there, too.

Hope you have a great time at The Sports Arena. It’s located at 620 Middle Country Rd., St. James;

Jennifer DeCarlo and Robyn Grieco’s fifth-grade class, Nokomis Elementary School, Holbrook

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