John J. Burns Park is a community park in Massapequa Park. It offers many activities such as a playground, walking and biking trails, tennis courts, baseball fields, football and lacrosse fields and much more. During the summer there are free live concerts. Many people come to watch the performances.

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There are many different fields where kids play sports and games are held. Kids come here after school and on the weekends to hang out with friends and play sports. Burns Park is a fun place to watch sports or just relax and walk around. The South Shore Blueway is in the back of the park, and it is an excellent place to go for water adventures.

I enjoy going on the weekends or after school with my friends and walking around or playing tennis or hanging out at the playground. The park overall is in great shape, well-kept and clean. It’s at 4990 Merrick Rd., Massapequa Park.