Good Morning
Good Morning

Can you spot the differences between these photos?

Kidsday reporters (l) Aidan Nunez Hudson Menzel, Jackson

Kidsday reporters (l) Aidan Nunez Hudson Menzel, Jackson Vasquez Rea, all from Port Wasington in the first Spot the Difference photo Credit: Colleen Lucie

Can you spot the 12 differences between our two photos?

We are, from left: Aidan, Hudson and Jackson. Good luck!

Colleen Lucie’s fourth-grade class, Sousa Elementary School, Port Washington

Answers: 1) Aidan’s marker changed color. 2) Aidan’s hand moved. 3) Aidan holds pencil at a different angle. 4) Hudson’s hood is up. 5) Hudson holds different pencils. 6) Hudson’s right leg in different position. 7) Backpack is open. 8) Paper sticks out of blue box. 9) Blue box has moved. 10) Pencil on floor is gone. 11) Pencils tucked behind Jackson’s ears. 12) Jackson’s pencils switched hands.

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