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Spy Code Safe Breaker game review: Listen for the solution

Kidsday reporters Arjun Airen, left, and Marco D'Alessandro

Kidsday reporters Arjun Airen, left, and Marco D'Alessandro played Spy Code Safe Breaker. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

Have you played the new game Spy Code Safe Breaker (Yulu)? If not, you are missing out on some fun. It’s a great game for two to four players. Each game takes about 15 minutes.

The mission in the game is to break open the vault by cracking the code. There are three different coins in the game: a gold coin, a diamond coin and an alarm clock coin. If you get the alarm coin, that means that the police have been alerted, and you have to immediately put all your coins back into the safe.

The box includes a safe, a spy stethoscope, 18 cards, 15 coins, four stickers and the game rules. You will need three AA batteries and a Phillips screwdriver to insert the batteries.

To start, the youngest player picks a card. Then the player turns the dial to that number. The player puts a finger on the fingerprint scanner on top of the safe. If the safe doesn’t open, the player listens through the spy stethoscope. The player will hear one of these three noises: “ping ping” (high sound), “boom boom” (low sound) and “alarm bell”(sirens blaring). “Ping ping” means that the number to open the safe is higher. “Boom boom,” means that the number is lower. “Alarm bell,” means that your turn gets skipped. The first person to get five gold coins or two diamonds wins.

Rating: 4.5 smiles out of 5

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