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LI kid shaves his head for St. Baldrick’s cancer fundraiser

Kidsday reporter Christopher Tytone had his head shaved

Kidsday reporter Christopher Tytone had his head shaved to raise money for St. Baldrick's Cancer Foundation. Credit: Laura Tytone

I shaved my head for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation cancer fundraiser. I was determined to do it no matter what because it helps so many people.

My dad took me to Washington Street School in Franklin Square, which is where they were hosting the St. Baldrick’s head-shaving fundraiser. When the host called my name to go on the stage to get my head shaved, I was very confident and scared at the same time.

When I was done, my family was so proud of me and I felt very excited. I was scared that my family might be a little upset that I had no hair and that it would bother them, but it was the complete opposite. They were proud of me, and that made me feel very happy. When my relatives saw me without my hair for the first time, they said they were proud of me and even rubbed my bald head for good luck.

When I went back to school for the first time without my hair, I had band practice in the morning. During that, I wore a hat so I could surprise everybody in my class. They were shocked when they saw me without my hair. My teacher even asked me if she could feel my head!

My dad said I had a perfectly round head, which was weird. My mom and I made a donation website for my family and friends to donate on. We raised around $300.

It was such a special, gratifying feeling. Cancer is a horrible disease, and there are so many who are fighting for their life every day. Those people are strong, and with or without hair, they should know just how beautiful they really are!

Karen Landsman’s sixth-grade class, Polk Street Elementary School, Franklin Square

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