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Standup paddleboarding with my dog

Kidsday reporter Olivia Dragonette of Eastport Elementary School

Kidsday reporter Olivia Dragonette of Eastport Elementary School goes paddleboarding with her dog, Sam. Credit: Dragonette family

During the summer I really enjoy standup paddleboarding with my pup Sam. We do this at Pike’s Beach in Westhampton on Dune Road.

My family and I own two different types of paddleboards. One is a hard paddleboard and the other is an inflatable one. For the inflatable paddleboard, we bring the pump that comes with it and place it in the bag that it was shipped in. Now it’s time to hit the bay!

My pup Sam would not cooperate with the paddleboard at first, but now whenever we place it into the water, he hops right on the front of the board. Once I start paddling, a slight breeze passes, and it makes him more relaxed. We take breaks but hop right back onto the paddleboard and my little sister Ella sits at the front with Sam. For pictures and laughs, Ella and I would pretend to do yoga on the paddleboard in the bay with my dog Sam.

Since it is summer, the best time of year in my case, try out SUP with your pup. You two would really enjoy it.

George Marino's sixth-grade class, Eastport Elementary School

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