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Good Evening

'Star Wars' creations with Legos

One of my favorite things in this world is "Star Wars." I have watched the movies about a billion times.

When my dad came home with a box of Legos, I knew exactly what I wanted to make. I build a "Star Wars" Anakin Skywalker Starship out of the Legos. I also built Anakin and R2-D2. It is hard and tricky because it keeps falling apart, but I kept going and finally completed it. I have a new Lego "Star Wars" vehicle and weapons that I built next. It is a Hoth Ship from Episode V. It has a snow trooper. It has a Luke Skywalker figure that I use with all of my Lego creations. It also has a Rebel Pilot.

I enjoy building Legos and I like making Legos that I can show off. My dad likes "Star Wars" just like me, and he helps me with some of the hard things. When we are done making something, he helps me put it on the shelf so we can look at it. It is really fun!

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