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Star Wars Rebels launcher opens galaxy of imagination

Are you a fan of "Star Wars Rebels?" There's a new toy out called Star Wars Rebels Firing Missile Launcher (Hasbro), and we had the opportunity to try it out.

It's so much fun with excellent detail and movable features. It has a missile launcher on top that can turn 360 degrees. It also has a blaster on each wing. The wings are foldable. If you open the screen, you can look inside where the cockpit and control system are. You can fit a "Star Wars Rebel" character in the small seat. It's cool because the walls and floors look as if they are made of real metal.

You really get to use your imagination. The semitechnical structure is good for the mind. The set does not include figures, but you can get them in the "Star Wars Rebels" heroes and villains pack.

All in all, the toy has great structure and is fun for creative kids. We would recommend this for kids.

RATING 5 smiles

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