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Starting the school day with a fitness program

Stay fit by jump-roping, skateboarding and other physical

Stay fit by jump-roping, skateboarding and other physical activities. Credit: Kidsday illustration / Abigail Galaris

Being physically fit is very important to elementary-age kids. At our school, we have a before-school physical education program where kids can start their day with healthy activity. The program gets you breaking a sweat because our physical education teacher challenges us. We play a lot of fun games such as basketball, football and kickball.

On Mondays we participate in The Fit Club, which focuses on fitness training. We train hard doing events like tire lifts, box jumps and jump-roping. Every Friday we bring our longboards or skateboards to learn balance and skills.

We know how lucky we are to have this program, and we hope that more schools will be encouraged to do the same. When you exercise your body, you will be awake to exercise your mind!

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