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The Statue of Liberty is a great summer day trip

Kidsday reporter Michael Mullooly climbs the Statue of

Kidsday reporter Michael Mullooly climbs the Statue of Liberty's stairs. Photo Credit: Cristina Mullooly

My family took a trip to visit the Statue of Liberty, and it was amazing!

We got up early and took the Long Island Rail Road to Penn Station, then took a subway downtown to Battery Park. From there we got on the ferry, which took us over to the Statue of Liberty.

It was a nice, sunny day, so when we got on the ferry, we made sure to get to the top deck so we could see everything perfectly. The ferry ride was nice and smooth and quick.

As soon as we arrived, we walked over to the entrance of the Statue of Liberty. We had tickets to climb up to the crown, which you need to get in advance. We put all our bags in a locker, brought some water and started the climb.

There are 377 steps from the main lobby to the crown platform. There is an elevator inside the pedestal but no elevator access from the top of the pedestal to the crown platform. From the pedestal to the crown there’s a narrow spiral staircase and only room for single-file.

It was so scary! The steps looked tilted, and every five steps a metal bar held the railing in place, so I thought my hands would slip. Then I thought about how scary it would be falling back and sliding down all those 146 steps! But I’m writing this article — obviously that didn’t happen.

When we finally reached the crown, we looked out the crown windows, which were little, for a couple of minutes, and the view was amazing. We were able to see so many buildings and lots of boats in the harbor. Totally cool! We then made our way back down on the opposite side of the spiral staircase.

My favorite part of visiting the statue was climbing to the crown. I would go again.

Everyone knows about the Statue of Liberty, but do people know the history behind it?

The statue’s construction started in September 1875, and it made it to the United States in 1885. The official dedication ceremony was held in October 1886. It is 305 feet, 1 inch tall including the pedestal. It weighs 225 tons. It was a gift from the French.

Fun facts: There are seven rays on her crown, which stand for the seven seas and seven continents. Lady Liberty would wear a size 879 shoe.

Meredith Marin’s fourth-grade class, Birch Lane Elementary School, Massapequa Park


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