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Staying fit, bit by bit

Kidsday reporters Tyler Mazzella and Sofia Legovich show

Kidsday reporters Tyler Mazzella and Sofia Legovich show off their Fitbits. Credit: Karen Landsman

Looking for a way to stay fit? You should try using a Fitbit. There are many varieties of Fitbits, according to what you need. Each one has different functions such as a sleep tracker, activity monitor, and a pedometer. Through the free app, you can sync your Fitbit, challenge your friends, track your sleep, and monitor your calories. These features are simple but helpful. The app is great for young users who most likely have devices they use on a daily basis. So the Fitbit app can easily fit into a kid’s daily schedule. But it’s not only for kids. Any teen or adult can also add this to his or her daily routine.

Personally, we use the Fitbit Flex because it’s small, convenient and easy to use. It’s comfortable and sleek and it looks a bracelet. You can change the color of the cases to fit your style. The Fitbit Flex motivates us to get moving and get going every day.

It’s important for kids to learn that fitness can be fun and great for your body. With the help of your Fitbit, you learn to keep your body healthy. We’ve found that competing in challenges and just walking at recess has helped us stay active. You don’t even have to use all of your Fitbit’s features, such as controlling your calorie intake, but it’s there if you need it.

Fitbit incorporates fitness and activity into your day without you even noticing. Is your mom asking you what you want for your birthday? Try a Fitbit. Walk around the block, run at recess, do 10 jumping jacks. Stay healthy, stay strong, stay fit.

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