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We are making frog robots for our STEM class project

Kidsday reporters Kerry Harrington, left, Corinne Kassatly and

Kidsday reporters Kerry Harrington, left, Corinne Kassatly and Isabella Frazzitta in their STEM class at Maria Regina School in Seaford. Credit: Rosemary Meehan

At our school, students from grades pre-K to eight have recently added an amazing additional class to their schedule, called STEM class.

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and math. This curriculum allows students to discover their inner building skills and accomplish outstanding tasks, as they work with their classmates to learn teamwork and responsibility.

This class is taught by Ms. Rosemary Meehan, who diligently guides students on how to never give up and always put forth your best effort at all times. Our eighth-grade STEM class has been working on creating a frog robot made from cardboard and motorized with batteries. This is one of the many assignments that we will participate in, and we are so excited to continue to work together to achieve an excellent outcome. 

Rosemary Meehan's eighth-grade class, Maria Regina School, Seaford

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