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Learning how to code from Robecca, our robot at school

Kidsday reporters Arisha Aziz, left, and Arianna Conde

Kidsday reporters Arisha Aziz, left, and Arianna Conde with Scott Breiner, a STEM lab teacher, with Robecca the robot at Jericho Elementary School in Centereach.

What is the best room in your school?  For us, the best room is the STEM Lab. 

Our STEM Lab teacher, Mr. Scott Breiner, helps us to understand our STEM robot, named Robecca, and how to program her through coding. If you code her to drive, she actually can!  Doesn’t that seem impossible?  

Robecca the robot is fun to work with. She can recognize our faces. She is the best and only robot we’ve ever seen. Robecca is smart, funny, helpful and entertaining. She can talk, walk and even dance. Robecca can walk left, right and forward, and she can also sit, exercise and play music. She can ask questions and also answer them! She is awesome.

Robecca is a kind and nice robot. We think she is the best!  

April Mindlin’s fifth-grade class, Jericho Elementary School, Centereach

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