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Robotics Club: Building much more than robots

Kidsday reporters Anthony Diaz, left and Ethan Zheng

Kidsday reporters Anthony Diaz, left and Ethan Zheng with Robotics Club adviser Stephen DiGiorgio at Copiague Middle School. Credit: Paul Harvey

Robotics is fun and challenging club at our school.

It is run by one of our teachers, Mr. Stephen DiGiorgio. Robotics gathers competitive, creative students to make Lego robots that complete difficult challenges.

Robotics can help improve your STEM abilities and make new friendships. Robotics can even prepare you for the real world. For example, it shows you how to program and be competitive. In Robotics you have to have teamwork. Without it you’re not going to get far in this club.


  • You make new friends and close bonds.
  • You learn how to program.
  • You get to build a robot.
  • You learn how to work with others.


  • You or your teammates get really bossy.
  • Sometimes people cross the line between being competitive and extremely competitive.
  • Some people in your team may not participate.

If there is a Robotics club in your school, we highly recommend joining.

Paul Harvey’s sixth-grade class, Copiague Middle School

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