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Steve Martin, Rihanna, Jim Parsons talk 'Home' with Long Island kids

Kidsday reporters met actors Jim Parsons (Oh) ,

Kidsday reporters met actors Jim Parsons (Oh) , Rihanna (Tip) and Steve Martin (Smek) after seeing the movie "Home." They interviewed them at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Manhattan Kidsday reporters from Bay Shore Middle School are: Noelle June, Saoirse O'Boyle Carter Alves, and Brendan Palmeri on March 15, 2015. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

We went to see a private screening of the new animated movie "Home" at Fox offices. "Home" stars Jim Parsons (Oh), Steve Martin (Smek), and Rihanna (Tip). The movie was unique and funny.

"Home" is about Oh, who is an alien and a Boov. Boovs are creatures that are always running from the Gorg. Oh and the Boovs find Earth and move all humans to Australia. But Oh accidentally makes another mistake and puts all Boovs and Earth in danger. While Oh is trying to hide from the Boovs, he meets Tip. Oh decides to join Tip on her adventure and they have an unlikely friendship. All through the trip there are many funny parts that make you think. In the end, they learn the true meaning of Home.

Overall the movie was great and had a great plot. We definitely recommend "Home." We rate it 4.5 (out of 5 smiles)

After seeing the movie, we went to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel and met Jim Parsons, Rihanna and Steve Martin.


We thought the movie was very funny. Were any of your lines improvised?Steve: I adlibbed quite a bit. I'm not sure exactly what they used though, but a lot of them, I was allowed to adlib and encouraged to.


Do you like the way your characters were drawn? Rihanna: Tip was so cute. I love her style and her energy and she's sassy.


Jim, is it fun doing the voice for Oh or is it very frustrating work mixing up all the sentences? Jim: It was almost entirely fun. It was one of the more fun things I've had to do actually, but the weird way he speaks sometimes was very challenging and in fact I would kind of sometimes accidentally correct it and not say it wrong at first because my brain just couldn't accept what they had written and that took some doing. But I liked it.


Steve, do you and Captain Smek have anything in common?

Steve: Oh God yes. Arrogance, ignorance, massive ego, and we look alike.


Rihanna, when it rains do you find yourself singing "Umbrella"?

Rihanna: I don't. But everybody around me starts singing!

Jim: It's really hard not to and . . . "Ella Ella . . ."


What do you love most about your characters?

Jim: He's optimistic and enthusiastic and he's such a good friend to Tip.


What was the funniest part of the movie for all of you? Rihanna: It would have to be their parts. Laughed so much at their parts. It was hilarious. Jim: I really liked the bathroom break. It was disgusting but really funny.

Steve: As long as it's disgusting.

Rihanna: Kids love things that are gross.


Steve, you have been in various animated productions in what I have researched. What is your favorite part of portraying an animated character?Steve: I have to say it's this current one because the only other animated film I did was called "Prince of Egypt." I played a magician with my friend, Marty Short. We had a good time on that. But this is a bigger role. And we really had a good time.


Rihanna, is acting something you would like to dive into somewhere in the future and if so why? Rihanna: Acting is something that I have so much respect for. It's a very difficult, challenging thing and very few are very great at it. I would love to little by little learn more and more about it. But animation, I had a great time doing that. That's something I would love to do right away.


Jim, will there be an episode of "Big Bang Theory" dedicated to Leonard Nimoy?

Jim: I really don't know. There could be. He was certainly an important actor and the character he played made a huge impact on those guys on the show. So they could easily and naturally touch on him, but I don't know if they will.


Steve, in 1980 you were noted for drawing some of the largest concert crowds in stand-up history, but shortly after, you quit stand-up comedy. Why is that, considering you were doing so well?Steve: It was time to move on. I wanted to go into films, and I knew it was going to be a struggle to maintain this concert life and I liked one thing -- it was like, when I was doing stand-up, I used to go to every town individually. If you do a movie, you stay home and the movie goes to every town.

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