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Stickers make my bed stand out

Kidsday reporter Lili Duggan decorated her bed with

Kidsday reporter Lili Duggan decorated her bed with stickers of all kinds. Credit: Duggan family

What kind of bed do you sleep in? Tween bed, bunk bed? Queen or king bed? Well, have you ever in your lifetime slept in a sticker bed? I will tell you the amazing story of the bed stickers.

One day I grew too big for my tiny bed. It was time for a big-girl bed. Luckily we had a bed frame to keep me from falling out. But wait, there was a little patch of stickers on the wood frame.

What do you think I did? Did I take them off or did I make the patch bigger? If you picked made it bigger, you are right. The patch is now so big, my bed is covered side-to-side and front-to-back with stickers. Disney, princesses, TV shows, cartoons, rock stars, shapes, animals, fruit, food, imaginary things and more.

Should you consider starting a sticker bed? Before you do, ask your mom or dad, believe me!

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