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Still going for Pokémon Go

Kidsday reporter Brady DeWitt searches for Pokémon.

Kidsday reporter Brady DeWitt searches for Pokémon. Credit: Randi DeWitt

If you don’t know what Pokémon Go is, it is a game you can download from the app store that many people have played. Where I live, a lot of kids have been playing this game, even adults.

There are many positive aspects to this game but, there are also some negatives. Some positives are that you get to walk around, catch new Pokémon and show them to your friends. You get to exercise and have fun trying to catch them. A negative aspect to the game is that some people get too obsessed with trying to catch Pokémon so they concentrate on their phones instead of their surroundings.

According to, Pokémon Go initially had millions of people playing in the United States, but within months, the numbers had dropped a lot. I think this decline might have to do with the weather. Over the summer, I saw lots of people around Port Jefferson looking for Pokémon but not as many now that it is cold outside. I’m sure in the spring when it gets warmer more people will be out trying to catch Pokémon.

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