Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Exploring Stotzky Park in Riverhead

Kidsday reporter Caden Nieves at Stotzky Park in

Kidsday reporter Caden Nieves at Stotzky Park in Riverhead. Credit: Nieves family

Stotzky Park in Riverhead is a place where my friends and I like to go and have fun.,

The park has a lot of things to do, like swings and monkey bars and a slide that is really cool. There are big metal sunflowers that spray mist in the summertime when you’re really hot. Also, there is a workout station that you can use when you want to feel the burn. Across from those, there is a dog park where you can walk and play with your dog. Near the park, there is a good food stand. I recommend the pretzels because they're nice and salty and crispy. Yum!

The fields at Stotzky Park are usually used for baseball games, tournaments and practices. When you go farther down, there is a big field where people like to play football and soccer. The fields are so awesome and fun to play on. You can play soccer, football and lots more. There are courts for basketball and tennis. Usually in the afternoon, teenagers like to go with their friends and play basketball after school.

So why are you sitting around at your house? Come to Stotzky Park and have some fun. You can even rent out parts of the park for your big parties.

Info: Elmer A. Stotzky Memorial Park, 55 Columbus Ave, Riverhead.

Tami Koller’s fourth-grade class, Aquebogue Elementary School

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