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Good Evening

Check out these rides at the Mattituck Strawberry Festival

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Casey Chung, Wheatley Heights

We love the Mattituck Strawberry Festival. We like it even more because of all the fun rides and adventures they have for all ages. Each year they have about 25 rides. Here are some of our favorites:

THE HAUNTED HOUSE Do you like haunted houses? Well, if you do, you should go to the Strawberry Festival and try this one. It has ghosts, zombies, skeletons, witches and vampires. We bet you will have the most fun scare ever!

MUSIC TRAIN Do you like music and speed? If you do, you need to try the Music Train. It is a train that starts out slow, but then it starts going faster and faster. It goes backward, too.

THE HAMMER Do you want to go on a ride that goes upside down? The hammer swings to one side and then the other side. Later it goes faster, and sometimes it even goes upside down.

SWINGS On the swings, two people sit together. Then the swings start to go around slowly. After that it starts going up higher and goes faster. When it goes to the top, it starts tilting to each side. At the end when it goes down, it still is tilting to each side, then it slows down. Finally, it goes back to the ground, and it is scary good fun.

THE PLANES There can be three people in each plane. When everybody is in the planes, it starts to go around. Then it goes faster, and the planes start to spin. When the planes are spinning, they start to tilt too. Finally it stops tilting and stops spinning so fast.

Amy Brown’s fourth-grade class, Cutchogue East Elementary School

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