Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Tips to handle anxiety

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Kaylah Bozkurtian, Garden City

Have you ever felt very stressed and overwhelmed? It’s that time of year when stress levels pick up, with school ending and for some kids, having final exams. Not sure how to juggle homework, projects, tests in school and after-school activities?

We know the feeling, too. We recently asked some classmates how they handle stress and anxiety. They gave us great examples, such as coloring, watching YouTube videos, reading a book, listening to music, playing with squishies and even taking a nap. We also know that taking deep breaths and talking to friends help a lot, too. We think talking to your teachers, guidance counselors and parents can also help.

So whenever you’re stressed out, overwhelmed or having trouble with homework or projects, try these tips, and you may feel better.

Maggie Rago’s fifth-grade class, McKenna Elementary School, Massapequa Park

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