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Stretch program moves education to the next level

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Kathleen Tehn-Addy, Wheatley Heights

Stretch is a program in our schools in Sayville for kids who learn at a higher level. They get to go to a different classroom once a week and learn things that are more challenging for their level. Stretch is only for fourth- and fifth-grade students.

Getting in depends on what grades you get. If you get good grades, you get asked if you want be in Stretch. We do things like Mastery Club challenges, in which you can learn about different things according to your interests. You find the answers that the page you take asks for, and then you memorize it. When you have it memorized, you can test for it with the teacher. If you truly have it memorized, you get a stamp. When you get 16 you get into the mastery hall of fame.

There also is a big Sudoku board that you can work on. Stretch is a great program and maybe this can help you start something like it in your school.

Melinda Moran’s fourth- and fifth-grade Stretch students, Cherry Avenue Elementary School, West Sayville

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