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Strike Force is a fun place to play Nerf

Do you need a place to have fun, run around or throw a party? If you do, go to StrikeForce Sports, where you can play Nerf in an enclosed area with your friends. Let's face it, it is not going to be sunny every day, and this place is great for an indoor adventure. StrikeForce even has a juice bar and a game lounge where you can cool off or host a party.

StrikeForce has one arena that is really huge and another that is a little smaller. Both arenas are safe and fun. Players shoot Nerf weapons that use tiny foam bullets with a flat rubber top that won't hurt that much. They are perfect for kids our age. Just in case, StrikeForce will give you safety goggles to protect your eyes.

StrikeForce Sports is at 450 Commack Rd. in Deer Park. The website is

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