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Why have a student council?

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Isabella Niola, Old Westbury

The Student Council or student government is a group of students who help make up some of the rules in our school. They have also helped with fundraising and giving suggestions to the school staff.

You have to run for a position on the student council. Candidates make up posters telling others about themselves. The posters can say some ideas they might have for the kids in the school to follow. There are five main positions: president, vice president, treasurer, social chairperson and historian.

On the day the students vote, the candidates give a speech. They will talk about their ideas on how to make our school a better place. They will also let the students know about fundraising plans they might have and, of course, why other kids should vote for them. We get the election results quickly, and then the term on the student government begins.

If you don’t have this in your school, you should get a student government. You can bring your ideas to the faculty and staff and let them know the concerns you and other students may have. After all, it is your school — why not make it the best place it can be?

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