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Student survey on lying

Could you go a week without lying?

I don't mean big lies, like the sort that can get you sent to the office if you get caught, or the type of lie that results in a punishment like loss of Internet for a week.

I mean could you go a week without any lie; even little white lies you tell your friends to avoid hurting their feelings: "Of course, your new haircut looks great."

A survey of one class with this question yielded 15 no votes and only three yes votes. One kid said, "I tell white lies to protect myself and other people." Many kids don't think about why they lie, and this answer is a perfect way to

summarize it.

Another kid said, "I tell small lies every day, like answering no if someone asks me if I have a pencil." The writer notes the asker is a notorious pencil thief; hence, the borrowed pencil would be another stolen pencil.

Many students say some lies are told to protect the feelings of the person being lied to, such as saying, "You're beautiful!" when a person complains about feeling unattractive. Lies are told for protection.

Going a week telling the truth is easier said than done.

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