Good Evening
Good Evening

Students fundraise to open school store

The Parliament Place Student Council is something we have in our school, and it has been so successful because we care about one another and the community. We have had many fundraisers in the past to get money for the local food pantry. For example, we had a souper bowl, and a secret snowman fundraiser (these were paper snowmen and people paid $1 to send to someone they like anonymously).

Now, we want to open up a school store. This means we have to raise money to buy supplies. We started collecting bottles and recycling them for money. We are planning other fundraisers for the future. Some of our ideas are to have a secret pumpkin that will be like the snowmen. In addition, we can plan a school flea market. Students and their parents will pay $15 for a table and bring in gently used items, such as toys, key chains or accessories. We can also have people bring in new supplies or donate things for us to sell.

We might even have a Parliament night at one of our local fast-food restaurants where part of what they sell will go back to the school. Maybe we could also have a bowling or skating fundraiser. There are lots of possibilities. I conclude our school store will happen!

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