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Students help their community through volunteering

Community service can be helping or volunteering in a community or a neighborhood. Anyone young or old can help their community. We helped our community in many ways throughout the past few years. We raised money by selling jewelry, sponsored a coat drive and collected money to donate to different organizations. Our school has a program called Helping Hands for the Holidays, which raises money to help buy holiday gifts for younger students in need. We had a gently used book sale and raised over $200 for the Interfaith Nutritional Network in Hempstead. The group helps the hungry or homeless on Long Island. We also collected money for the survivors of the May 2013 Oklahoma tornadoes. We put out a jar in our school and invited everyone to put their loose change or bills in it. We then donated the money to the Salvation Army. After superstorm Sandy, many people in our community had their homes ruined. Our school was able to give miniature artificial Christmas trees to schools in Long Beach, and the students each brought one home. Finally, our class hosted a Halloween party for preschoolers. We dressed up in costumes and helped the students play games and win prizes. Community service is important. Everyone needs help sometimes, and it feels great to help others.

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