Good Evening
Good Evening

Students, staffers do the right thing

We asked students and staff members in our school about the nicest thing they've done without telling anybody, and here's what we learned about their kind actions:

Classmate Sofia Fixman returned a $100 bill to a person who dropped it from his wallet. One day, Olivia McBride made her parents breakfast in bed. Classmate Taliyah Pitts watched over her neighbor's house so no kids would spray silly string at the house when they were pranking other neighbors.

Natalie Anderson told us she had a friend who broke her foot during dance class, and she helped her. Just for fun, Jamie Khanschasoff made her mom a treat and left it for her to find. A kind boy, Rushiraj Gadhvi, was eating dinner in a restaurant. He went to the bathroom and found a cellphone and a wallet. He gave it to the manager, who returned the cellphone and wallet to the owner.

Staff members did kind things, too, like our teacher Stefanie Baldante returning a wallet containing $500 to her neighbor.

Many people at our school have done kind things. What about you?

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