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Students vote on their favorite emojis

Credit: Facebook

What is your favorite emoji? We wanted to know the favorite emoji of kids in our school (grades 3 to 5). Their choices included the poop emoji, the winky face, the laughing face, blowing kiss, the heart eyes face and the thumbs up emoji. We surveyed 100 kids and found out that they liked the poop emoji the best and the thumbs up emoji the least. The poop emoji got 51 votes. The winky face got 26 votes. The laughing face got 10 and the blowing kiss face got 6 votes. The heart eyes emoji got 4 votes and, sadly it was thumbs down for the thumbs up emoji — no one voted for it (three kids didn’t vote for a favorite at all).

Here are three comments from some of the voters. “I like the winky face emoji best because “I think it looks cool and it can be used for multiple things like something silly, funny, saying to someone, ‘good job.’ ” Another comment says, “I like the laughing face emoji because I like to laugh and tell jokes. Also it is a good emoji because my friends make me laugh a lot so I can respond with the laughing face emoji. Our last comment says, “I like the blowing kiss emoji because it is so cute and loveable. It reminds me of friends and family but, it does not totally mean “I love you.”

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