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Poll: Do you like to work in groups or alone?

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Kaydee Bonilla

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Kaydee Bonilla

In class, we often work alone and sometimes with a partner or small group. We asked 100 sixth-graders if they'd rather work alone or in a group. Here are the results:



Group work is the winner. Kids we talked to had a few good reasons. They liked the idea of being more social, and it makes doing all the work a lot more fun. It also means they can divide up tasks and that makes your part easier. They liked the idea that if they were stuck on something they could ask someone in the group for help.

The kids who prefer working alone said they thought it was better because there is less arguing. Even more, you get full credit for doing the work. Kids liked that they didn’t have to rely on others. And, the most important reason to do it yourself? You know the work will be completed.

Paul Harvey’s sixth-grade class, Copiague Middle School

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